All Good Music Indonesia

ALL GOOD MUSIC INDONESIA is a company that is involved in the industry of music making, creative and music marketing. Established in November 2018 on the initiative of three Indonesian digital music producers named Daniel “DJ Slide” Ardi, Boni ÔÇťAstagah Bonie” Paputungan and Teddy “Teezy” Setiadi, Besides the music making business for clientele.

ALL GOOD MUSIC INDONESIA produces SONGS, SOUND DESIGN,FILM SCORES, ADVERTISEMENT JINGLES, VOICE OVER and other AUDIO – VISUAL services. ALL GOOD MUSIC INDONESIA is also a RECORD LABEL which produce talents and recording materials such as CDs, Cassette Tapes and on digital platform as well. Other than music.


All Good Music Indonesia intends to provide the best service and win to win solution to all its partners, both artists, fellow labels or other companies and to listeners and connoisseurs of Indonesian music in the hope of providing education on good quality music. Regarding the name chosen, which is “all good”, which means “semua baik” in Indonesian, we hope to be able to present the best quality work in the industry.


Become an industry leading record label and production company with the best results and services to All Good Music Indonesia’s partners and the wider community.


Can be an industry leading record label and production company in Indonesia nationally and also globally.

Can make Indonesian music be heard internationally.

Become an access for Indonesian aspiring musicians to the digital music industry.

Can be a professional and trusted cooperation partner for musicians in Indonesia.


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