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Pretty Rico

Being in love with HipHop music his whole life. Rico joined the entertainment scene, in 2017, and became known as Pretty Rico. He started his career as a B-boy and won several B-boy competitions in the world.
A young rapper with his famous tagline “Pretty Boy”, works in an awesome way in making the songs, lyrics and rhyme to give the best for his fanbase and world music industry.
Born in January 1989, this hip-hop singer has cool characters, swag, sharp vocals which influence from his idols: Drake, J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Da Baby and some hip-hop rappers.
Become a musician who can have an impact on the hip-hop scene in Indonesia and the music industry in Indonesia and the world was his motivation.
Growing up in a predominately popular hip-hop environment, Pretty Rico naturally embraced the culture and started rapping with his own guerrilla and released 4 songs. In 2018, Pretty Rico signed with All Good Music Indonesia and released 8 songs with All Good Music Indonesia, assisted by several great producers in Indonesia.
All Good Music was motivated to further Rico’s career, in order to pursue his passion for event planning.

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